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True American Honor

Healthcare for Veterans

In 2013, we got confirmation that the Department of Veterans Affairs was failing our veterans. But we’d known it was happening for much longer. The investigation uncovered long wait times for appointments, backlogs in disability claims, dishonest reporting, and high-level coverups. Some changes were made, including the invention of the Choice Program, but fundamental problems persist.

To give our veterans the very best care, I support proposals to increase the supply of highly qualified staff by increasing the number of medical residency slots available at VA facilities. I support reducing administrative barriers to collaboration, so that partnerships with Dept of Defense facilities and with community-based health care providers can flourish without a heavy administrative burden.


Security for Military Communities

Alabama’s Second District has more veterans per capita than any other district in Alabama, and is home to Fort Rucker and Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base. Because the military is such a big part of our district’s identity and economy, it is critical to protect those bases and ensure their ongoing operation. Currently, the Base Relocation and Closure (BRAC) process is conducted on an unpredictable schedule. Our military communities have no way of knowing when the next BRAC will happen.

To give our community peace of mind, I support establishing a standard process and timeline for BRAC so that communities know when they do – and don’t – need to worry about base closures. I’m confident that our military bases are here to stay, and I want our communities to know that they can rely on that from year to year.


America as Global Leader

America’s prominence is based on our ability to be the good guy, the one who protects the weak and knocks down the bullies. America’s prominence is also based on our demonstration of effective democracy. To maintain that reputation, we must ensure that our elections are fair and transparent, with protections for voters’ rights and protections against outside tampering.

To continue our global leadership, we must continue with our three-pronged approach to the world:

  • Having the greatest military on earth.
  • Having the greatest diplomatic service on earth.
  • Demonstrating authentic democracy at home and supporting it abroad.